The Mission
We have intelligence that an elusive ‘cipher machine’ is on board a prisoner of war transport plane, the mission is to be captured behind enemy lines, retrieve the cipher, radio the code to Bletchley before being shot down by friendly fire and parachuting to the extraction point.
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The Experience
War Hero is the world’s first immersive escape room experience with a simulated parachute jump. Escape from a World War 2 Transport plane by overpowering Nazi guards and breaking the Enigma code before jumping 125ft off one of the UK’s tallest Powerfan descenders. Do you have what it takes?
What to Expect
SIS have summoned your urgent help to crack the enigma code, decipher codes which can be deduced with the help of your team. You will be challenged to convert these messages into Morse code and radio them to Blechley Park where the enigma code team awaits your heroic contribution to the war effort.
Your elite commando training will include scaling buildings, marksmanship training, covert building access, interrogation and parachute training in practice for your decent into enemy territory.
Your training will be put to the test and you will be stretched to the limits of your skills, resilience and bravery. Teamwork will play a vital role in securing victory for our country. Those elite heroes who have demonstrated their bravery in battle may be eligible for the highest military honour.
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